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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 4, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. bats, boards, nails, and pepper spray. these are confiscated items after fights broke out at a pro-trump protest in berkeley, resulting in ten arrests. [ shouting ]. and fire on the bart tracks. scary moments for passengers in the east bay. this could have been a lot worse. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm matt keller. that big electrical fire broke out just before 6:00. an abc7 news viewer shared this video with us as she was driving by. amazingly, many of the estimated 250 people on board had no idea about the fire. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story.
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melanie? >> reporter: close to 300 passengers were stuck for nearly an hour and a half. the good news tonight, service is restored, and no one was injured. relief and a thumb's up, this cell phone video taken as passengers got off a bart train stuck more than an hour. >> we were exiting the walnut creek station, and all of a sudden, the train just kinda lurched and stopped a little bit. >> reporter: the issue, a fire in an electrical room underneath the tracks. you can see it from sky 7. >> it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: a lot worse, because the train could have still been on the platform just above the fire. >> when we got on scene, there were actually quite a few explosions and pops and things going on. that particular smoke is really nasty because it's all burning plastic at that point. >> reporter: passengers waited in the dark. >> they thought we were going to have to get out of the back train, walk the tracks and get back on the platform. >> reporter: instead,
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electricians restored the power, the temporary cut enough to extinguish the flames. >> we didn't even use water. >> the bart operator did a great job keeping everybody calm and informed. >> reporter: though the information about the fire came from abc7. >> we were not aware of the fire underneath the tracks until what he saw on facebook live. >> i was like, i don't see or smell any smoke. >> reporter: ultimately, no injuries, no major incidents amongst riders, though there were concerns some headed to sfo could miss their flights. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. ten people arrested and more than a dozen weapons confiscated after a protest went violent at civic center park. we're joined from berkeley police headquarters. you got a look at all the weapons seized tonight. >> reporter: matt, the majority of these weapons could do some serious damage. they are baseball bats, clubs, and even boards with nails in
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them. all ten people arrested are still being held here at the berkeley police department. >> somebody smashed her in the back of the head. >> reporter: yan had to be rescued by police and pulled from an angry cloud, after someone swiped her make america great again hat. >> the woman's boyfriend, who grabbed my wife's hat, snapped her in the back of the head and knocked her down and then people started kicking her. >> the 57-year-old and her friends left with a police escort. >> really bad people, violence, every time. we are trying to be peaceful here, but why always just attacking people? >> reporter: this was not a space for a meeting of the minds, or a peaceful political discussion. physical and verbal bombs were dropped. people were hurt, badly in some cases. anger from those for and against president trump filled civic center park. >> you hate diversity, that's
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why you voted for trump. that's why you voted for trump. >> are you a mind-reader? >> reporter: and too many times people resorted to mace or pepper spray. >> just blink, don't rub. >> reporter: this trump protester rushed to the pepper spray relief station for help. >> one of the people on the trump side, i believe, shot mace at us in our eyes. >> reporter: hours after the clashes began, police started making arrests. while some complain they took a passive approach to the protest, a spokesperson insists, making ten arrests is proof of the contrary. this is sky 7 video of police chasing and arresting a protester, with charges from battery to assault with a deadly weapon. rallies supporting president trump were held in 50 cities across the country. in nashville, which you see in the upper left-hand corner, at least two arrests were made. video from denver, raleigh, north carolina, and austin, texas. counterprotesters also showed up
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at most of those rallies, but there were no major incidents. a group working to end immigration detention is calling on authorities to stop the deportation of a man from napa. he was taken into custody and activists say it was because of minor crimes he committed 15 years ago. abc7 news was in richmond this morning, where dozens of people rallied in support of martinez and others detained at the facility. >> there's anywhere from 150 to 300 people each day, and they're paid -- the facility is paid a per diem rate of probably around $115 per day, to hold people for immigration and customs enforcement. >> they're asking i.c.e. to close his case so he can stay in the u.s. with his wife and daughter. still no explanation tonight for a startling accusation that former president obama wire-tapped him during his run
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for the white house last year. but concern is growing amongst republicans and democrats alike. >> reporter: in what may be his most controversial tweet yet, president trump pointing a finger at his predecessor. terrible. just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. the president adding, how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process? this is nixon watergate, bad or sick guy. but mr. trump cited no proof. it's not clear whether he based his allegations on intelligence briefings or a news report. a story posted friday to conservative news site breitbart alleges eavesdropping on trump's campaign. a spokesperson for former president obama quickly said the claims are false. but we do know that the fbi is investigating whether there was any possible collusion between russian officials and the trump campaign. in cases like that, wire taps can be used.
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and one democratic member of the senate intelligence committee told nbc news, key wire taps are a part of the investigation. although he has not seen any evidence. >> there are transcripts that provide very helpful, very critical insights into whether or not russian intelligence and senior russian political leaders, including vladimir putin were cooperating, were colluding with the trump campaign at the highest levels to influence the outcome of our election. >> reporter: if anyone other than the president reveals the existence of a wire tap, that would break the law, but legal experts tell abc news, the president does have the power to declassify anything he wants. elizabeth her, abc news, new york. turning to the weather, this is a look at highway 101 in movato. a live look now from the san jose 101 camera, still wet out there as well. drew tuma is here.
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we saw a lot of downpours out there. >> we did. still have them out there now. right to live doppler 7 to the hardest hit areas at this moment. that's in the south bay, around san jose and evergreen. at this hour, parts of yellow and orange, that's rain fallin in excess of half an inch per hour. so that's heavy rain right there. we'll take you a little bit to the north, around fremont as well. flood advisory in effect for parts of alameda and santa clara county. so there could be flooding and ponding on the roads. storm impact scale, a 1. we do have rain to finish out the weekend as well. we'll detail that in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, drew. water officials are keeping an eye on anderson reservoir and coyote creek, the rain could raise levels above capacity. last week, coyote creek flooded,
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leading to thousands being evacuated from their homes and tens of millions of dollars in damage. water district officials are not expecting any problems but say crews are on stand by just in case any issues arise. crews on the central coast continue to work around the clock to repair landslides that have cut off hundreds of people in big sur. yesterday, fuel, food, pet supplies, and even school work were delivered by helicopter. homes have been isolated because of damage to the fifer canyon bridge on 101. the goods are supposed to last at least two weeks. >> this is a dire situation, and i really worry that people don't understand how severe this really is. >> a part of the highway is expected to open just over a week from now. caltrans plans to demolish and rebuild the bridge. still ahead on abc7 news at 11, empty store fronts, increasing rents and decreasing foot traffic. a look at the changing face of
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one san francisco street. and caught on camera, a southern california brawl at a chuck e cheese. and -- ♪ ♪ >> rocking out for a good cause
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take a look at this. video posted on facebook shows mayhem at a chuck e cheese in california. people were pushing and shoving each other. it started when one woman bumped into another woman in the video game area. both woman suffered cuts and scratches on their hands and one of them had to go to the hospital. sheriff's deputies did not
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arrest anyone, because neither woman wanted to press charges. the face of fillmore and cal hallow is changing, small business owners say it's not for the better. it's been a growing trend of empty stores and increasing rent. melanie woodrow has the details. >>. >> reporter: a dent in sales left and right. >> that was my sunday, running errands, going to the grocery store. >> reporter: ashley carol owns my roommate's closet. >> we have noticed our sales are down 18%. >> reporter: she says decreasing foot traffic and increasing rent are taking down small businesses. >> when i walk down the street, there's nothing going on anymore. >> it makes we sad because the store i wanted to go to was not there. >> reporter: a children's boutique bubble used to be here, now it's on union street, where rent is slightly less. >> it's tough. it's definitely tough. >> reporter: eleanor carpenter knows. >> if i had to do this today, i doubt if i'd do it.
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>> reporter: she's president of the union street association. carpenter has owned jess jewels 30 years. how? >> because i own the building. i don't have to pay any rent if i don't want to. >> reporter: an unlikely option for anyone starting out today. >> it's the same story everywhere. >> reporter: carpenter says she'd like to see bay area landlords give small business owners a break. >> do i really need 10,000, or can i get away with 8,000? >> reporter: there are new businesses opening, including where bubble used to be. and there's talk of another grocery store opening here. a double-edged sword for some. >> would be great for traffic, so my rent would probably skyrocket. and it would be rough. >> reporter: so much so she says she'll likely close. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. hundreds of people came together tonight to help firefighters put out cancer. abc7 news was in san francisco for the art of fire. a sold-out art auction and gala,
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a benefit for the san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation. three people were honored for their contribution to end cancer in the fire-fighting community. w.w. wong came out to support his brother, a san francisco firefighter who is helping to lead the effort. >> in recent years, we discovered more and more risks related to chemicals and very specific things that cause cancer and terrible illnesses. >> the foundation started in 2006. abc7 is a proud sponsor of tonight's event. every weeknight you see him sitting here giving you the day's news. tonight dan ashley showed off his rock 'n' roll side. ♪ ♪ >> yeah, when he's not the lead anchor here, dan is the lead singer for the group push. abc 67 news was in walnut creek for the rock of casa fund-raiser. every year he does this charity
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fund-raiser to raise money for kids in need. cheap trick was the headliner and tickets this year sold out. abc7 news was in san francisco for a delicious celebration of asian cuisine and culture. fresh savory crepes, pork belly and chocolate, all part of caam feast. it's a kickoff for the world's largest asian american film festival, starting next thursday. there were three honorees this year, including a bay area master chef, and natasha ved ez emceed. >> and we are tracking some downpours that have slowly moved through the region in the past six hours. live doppler 7 showing you action on the screen. down to street level we go, when you see pops of yellow and orange, that is some heavy rain. and live doppler 7 can estimate the rain falling at a rate of
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almost two-thirds an inch an hour in these locations. heavy rain right now. slide a little bit to the south and some downpours moved through san jose earlier. green on the screen means you have light rain. but these are slow-moving downpours. so it's for that fact the national weather service has issued a flood advisory for parts of alameda and santa clara county until midnight tonight. as the downpours slowly move through to the south, we could see minor flooding on the roadways especially as the rain falls at this hour. today, though, a pretty healthy amount of rain out of this quick-moving storm system. san francisco, just shy of an inch of rainfall in three hours' time. walnut creek, two-thirds inch. union city, quarter inch. san jose right now, the official rainfall total is .01. that number will rise with the new numbers in at 11:30. out there now, current numbers,
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40s and fir50s, the name of the game. thanks to the cloud cover and the rain moving through. tonight, on the storm impact scale, the scattered showers diving south and we're tracking a minor threat of flooding. tonight, on and off, temperatures falling in most spots you see on the board into the 40s. those will be your starting temperatures on sunday. sunday, though, we have rain to deal with as well, a 1, a light system on sunday. and once again, it's going to be scattered showers. the difference is, we may have to deal with one or two claps of thunder and the potential for hail. this is a cold storm system moving in tomorrow, and what that means, could have a dusting of snow on our highest peaks. future weather, hour by hour we go, plan your sunday for you. 7:00 in the morning, it's not raining everywhere, but there are the chance of an isolated shower as you wake up. we go through the morning hours, future weather mixing in the whites with the green. and the higher elevations, a
11:21 pm
chance of snow falling at the morning hour. by the afternoon, still have to keep the chance of an isolated shower in the mix, but once again, not a wash-out of a day. similar to how today was. future tracker temperatures, what you're going to notice, cooler tomorrow than today. temperatures by 2:00, struggling to even reach 50 degrees. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, a little bit of a winter chill with the showers moving through on your sunday. an isolated shower mainly in the morning on monday, and then mother nature going to treat us nicely wednesday and into thursday. ooh, that's nice and beautiful, sunny, near 70 inland. and a chance of more drops one week from today. >> i see you, thursday. looking good. >> thank you. >> you won't believe what this coach did to stop this
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a florida basket coach made the defensive play of the year. the child was about to score in the wrong basket when the coach came out of nowhere and threw it into the front-row seats. a mother posted this video to social media with a half dozen laughing emojis. why did he get on the floor? i don't know why he did this. millions of people have now viewed it. he might as well have just stayed on the bench and let the kid shoot it. >> the coach was a little too emphatic, by mutombo going after it. >> you expect him to wag the finger and say, get out of here. >> you don't have to swat it into the 50th row. a frightening moment for the giants in spring training. tell you about that, and the warriors getting set for their matinee tomorrow here on abc7, as they cope with life
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. good evening, a scare at spring training for the giants. the first base coach ended up being rushed to the hospital for certainl surgery. giants were playing the royals and he suffered a broken nose, small fractures in his eye socket as well as other lacerations. we have video of him from earlier in the spring. this is only his first year as the first base coach with the giants, but he's been in their organization for more than a decade. the warriors in new york tonight trying to figure out life without k.d. the doves lost their first game minus durant on thursday. tomorrow they play the knicks in madison square garden. you can watch it right here on abc7. at practice today, they were busy getting matt barnes integrated into the offense. i'm thinking they ran some sets
11:30 pm
they ran last year, pre-durant. when they go a combined 11 of 64 on threes in their last three games, it's hard to win. >> without kevin, i think steph and klay know they're gonna get even -- probably even more shots. so the biggest thing is, we've gotta get great shots. i think we've been settling for a lot of shots on this trip, and we need to move the ball better and develop a good offensive rhythm. >> after missing the ncaa tournament last season, they figured to be a lock there year, 26-3 in the regular season, two losses against gonzaga. the gales opening up tonight, randy bennett and company in vegas, against portland in the quarterfinals. in the first half, dave pano wide open inside. a minute later, jock land ail, he finished with 19 points. gales up by only five at the half.
11:31 pm
portland hanging around. hermanson heating up, a lefty stroking the three. he had 21 points. and then behind the back to lan dale. st. mary's pulls away. they'll face byu. ducks upset washington last night p under a minute left in the second quarter. brittany mcvee splashing the three-pointer. cardinal up by two at the break. third quarter, roberson, 2 of 2 from beyond the arc, she had 12. and kaley johnson will take it away and find erica mccall, who went for 17 points and 15 boards. stanford wins it 71-56, and they'll face oregon state in the pac-12 championship. nfl news. may not be quarterbacks on the 49ers roster, but their top receiver from last year will be coming back. jeremy kerley led the niners with 64 receptions, 667 yards and was their primary punt returner, today they announced a three-year extension for kerley
11:32 pm
worth $10.5 million. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. later on in sports, we'll show you the fastest man ever at the nfl combine. matt? >> all right, thank you, larry. coming up, a surprising find in the water. 600,000 pounds of marijuana found on a southern california beach.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. good evening, i'm matt keller. in tonight's headlines, san jose is getting another good soaking tonight. this is a live look at the rain falling from our camera looking
11:36 pm
southbound on 101 and 880. live doppler 7 shows the rain mainly over the south bay now, but the entire bay area has been getting quick, heavy downpours all night long. drew will tell us how much rain we can expect in just a few minutes. bart service is back to normal in the east bay after a fire in knan electrical room unr the tracks. nearly 300 apparentlipassengersk on the train for an hour and had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. police confiscated a dozen dangerous weapons after trump protesters and supporters clashed today, at the site of a rally supporting the president today. the demonstration turned violent after people were punched and hit with pepper spray. now to the immigration crackdown, the department of homeland security confirming to abc7 that a proposal is under consideration to separate families illegally crossing the
11:37 pm
border. jim avila has the story. >> reporter: the department of homeland security is actively considering a proposal aimed at discouraging families from illegally crossing the border by separating mothers from children when caught. this, as i.c.e. deportations inside the u.s. draw controversy. the cries of a 13-year-old girl recording her undocumented father vanish at the hands of government agents. that's gonzalez between two i.c.e. officers who pulled him over as he drove his daughters to school in los angeles. critics of the president's immigration stance say it's a signal that families in the u.s., without legal documents are now at risk. >> it's terrible to feel and see your family broken apart. >> reporter: the 48-year-old gonzalez came here 20 years ago illegally, working and raising his family. but i.c.e. says he was picked up because of a 10-year-old dui and
11:38 pm
other convictions. gonzalez says he knows nothing about those. >> we are getting the bad ones out. these are bad dudes. >> reporter: but more than alleged criminal immigrants are being pushed out. this dreamer brought to mississippi illegally by her parents as a child, has a clean record, but was still arrested immediately after protesting trump's new deportation plan. she was three months late reupping her papers and is asking for a judge to hear her case. this is just a proposal, but already immigration attorneys are saying this is harsh and unamerican. jim avila, abc news, los angeles. you may soon have to pay more to drive on u.s. interstates. the transportation secretary said this week the government may impose tolls on more of the nation's roads and bridges. president trump has proposed a $1 trillion investment in evacuate in the u.s. the united states soccer
11:39 pm
team has adopted a policy to make its players stand during the national anthem. the new policy says anyone representing the national team must stand respectfully during any event. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick started a wave of protests by kneeling for the anthem. this week he announced he plans to stand during the anthem next season. someone left hundreds of pounds of cannibis along the california coast. on friday, a couple walking their dogs in del mar, north of san diego, found the bundles just laying on the beach and took the cell phone video. sheriff's deputies say the drugs were ditched by smugglers. the pot's worth, $600,000. >> and they were huge bales, i couldn't pick it up. it had to be a hundred pounds in each one of those packages. >> investigators say the bundles did way more than a hundred pounds. sheriff's deputies hauled them
11:40 pm
away as evidence. they say drugs are found on shore in large amounts once or twice a year. they're still looking for the suspects. the man you're about to meet survived the battle of the bulge and helped liberate a concentration camp. but now he's gone from saving lives to making life more liveable. john donvan has our story. >> archie fagan, 91 years old and he keeps getting invitations. >> archie fagan! >> reporter: to be the grand marshall at the parade, to be in a commercial, to throw out the first pitch. what does this guy do anyway? >> we give you service with a smile. >> reporter: nowadays, he bags groceries at a market in flemington, new jersey. he greets the customers. >> always good to see you. >> reporter: and he announces the specials. >> get a hot sandwich before they're all gone. >> reporter: people love this guy. they love his life story, straight from high school into world war ii, where he survived the battle of the bulge. >> saw the human misery.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: and as a german speaker because his parents were immigrants from eastern europe, he spent time in nuremberg, where the nazis were put on trial. we ran his own family's grocery store, but then eased back into this as an employee, where his charm makes him a celebrity around these parts and he uses that to put out a message. >> we owe a note of gratitude to our fighting men in all the wars. >> reporter: a more important message probably than this one. >> i love to sell pork chops and roast beef, yes. >> reporter: but that is archie's job. john donvan, abc news. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, mystery solved, a photographer snapping this beautiful picture had to wait nearly a year and a half to deliver it to the two people who cherished it most. live doppler 7 tracking showers moving through parts of the region tonight. a few drops on the walnut
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11:45 pm
you may remember a story we ran last week about a mystery couple and a photo of their proposal. the photographer never got their nam names. abc7's wayne freeman has the story in a post script you'll see only on 7. >> reporter: when doing a love story, it always helps to have a soundtrack. we went to the original source. >> he wanted something romantic. >> reporter: so steven moore chose bach, and the notes echoed through the palace of fine arts one afternoon. photographer angie wilson happened to be there and followed the sound. she snapped this picture along the way of a couple heading the same direction. >> they were under the middle of the dome right here. >> reporter: so many angie's surprise when the man dropped to a knee, the woman broke into tears and he proposed. >> they didn't see me. they only had eyes for each
11:46 pm
other. i just took the pictures and then walked away. >> reporter: that's right. she walked away. and then about a year passed and valentine's day approached and angie began to wonder, whatever happened that couple? did they get married? would they like a copy of the picture? and how could she get it to them? here's the picture she posted on facebook, one that we picked up and showsed abc7 nobody recognized the couple. but they did. >> and then i contacted the couple. and through e-mails everything happened. [ laughter ] >> reporter: enter jonathan and alison, now husband and wife with a blended family of eight kids. they found angie within four days. >> she said, that's me, omg, how fantastic. >> it takes us right back to that moment to see those pictures again. >> reporter: now they have a big print coming in the mail, call it a random act of kindness by a woman with a camera who happened
11:47 pm
to be in the right place at the right time, with a big heart. >> in this instance, i just have to give it to them, because they made the magic happen. >> it's really the beginning moment of our life together. >> yeah. >> so we're incredibly grateful. >> reporter: and it's artistic proof that no good deed should ever go unphotographed, or for that matter -- >> goes unplayed? ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. good story. if you were going to re-create that photo, you'd need umbrellas today. we'll check in with drew. how long will we need the umbrellas? >> we have showers in the forecast tomorrow, not a wash-out by any means, but scattered showers will dot the landscape at least for the next 24 hours. live doppler 7 showing you the action is confined around san jose and inland as well. couple stops right now, to liver more, alt mont, a douwnpour her
11:48 pm
and there. tomorrow in the wake of this front, we'll still deal with scattered showers and the chance is there to hear a clap of thunder as well. even a couple of flurries or light dusting at some of our highest peaks. it will be cold tomorrow, barely touching 50 degrees, well below normal for this time of year, by some 15 degrees. we'll see snow measured in feet once again in the sierra. the next 36 hours, a winter storm warning in effect. two more feet at kirkwood, tahoe city, almost 30 inches. coming their way. seven-day forecast. chilly tomorrow, and we'll dry out mid week. it's beautiful before more rain goes into the forecast next week. >> all that snow up there in tahoe, it's been an amazing winter. >> amazing. >> all right, we're talking about the warriors. they're not playing today, but it seems like the team behind them is gaining some ground. >> yeah, the spurs are. you're going to love the shot of
11:49 pm
mike shumann in new york city. it's worth staying up for. i promise. spurs closing in on golden state, the lead got sliced again down tonight. plus the nfl i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business.
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. good evening, coming off the rare back-to-back losses, the warriors will try to get back on track tomorrow in new york against the knicks, a 12:30 tip-off right here on abc7. mike shumann has the preview, feeling right at home in 20-degree weather. >> the warriors are 0-2 without kevin durant and they hope to end that losing streak tomorrow night at madison square garden. mccall got most of durant's minutes on thursday night, but the warriors also signed matt barnes, his second stint with the warriors.
11:53 pm
matt, who was waved by the kings, is glad to be back. >> excitement. like i said, tremendously humbled and blessed by the situation. like i said, this is a team everybody talks about. the chemistry they have, on and off the court and the way they play for each other, something i want to be a part of. i was at my kid's basketball practice in l.a. and i got a phone call. katie had got hurt that ga-- k. game. i wasn't watching. and then two hours later, i got a call from steve kerr. >> i think he's going to fit into our offense very well and i also think, defensively, he can switch, he can do all those things, defend multiple positions, and i think that fits right in with everything we need. >> reporter: this is the coldest day this year in new york city, as cold as the warriors' three-point shooting. hopefully that changes tomorrow against the knicks. mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> he looks happy.
11:54 pm
spurs pulled out a win last night. san antonio was down early, but leonard had a chance to win it there, didn't get it off in time. overtime once again. kawhi had six of his 34 in the extra period. spurs win and clinch a playoff spot. winning seven straight now, just two games back of the warriors in the west. college hoops. cal ending their regular season today in colorado. disappointing end for the bears. only 27 from the field. george king with authority. one-handed putback there. 23 seconds left. cal down three. shot clock expiring and derek white, the prayer is answered, finished with 17, padding the lead. cal falls 54-46, they've dropped 5 of 6, their bubble may have just burst at 19-11. stanford and utah. dorian pickens. like the way they dress up for that. had 20 for the cardinals to put
11:55 pm
stanford up. but the utes would pull away. michael humphrey, one of 15 stanford turnovers, leading to a dunk by bottom. next possession, bottom again, he finished with 26 points and three steals. utah win, 67-59, stanford closes the season at 14-16 and move on to the pac-12 tournament. former cal quarterback david webb taking the field at the nfl combine. 49ers bosses are looking for a quarterback, and davis webb, a guy with an accurate arm, very strong arm as well. he's worked very hard in the weight room to try to transform his body. he could very well be the third quarterback taken behin watson and trabit ski. who might go number one. cal wideout cal hanson and michael rector also worked out today. but they were blown away by a pac-12 speedster, university of washington's john rosh. this is a combine record,
11:56 pm
4.42 40-yard dash. adidas ran this big promotion, but they're not going to give ross his own island because he was wearing nikes today. he says he's okay with that. >> i really can't swim that well. and i don't have a boat. so, you know, i have to run in the nikes and just really happy to be in this situation. remember, two years ago i was on the couch for a whole season, torn acl. now to be in this position, i'm really thankful. >> from torn acl, to fastest man in the combine. to the pitch, the earthquakes opening the season and hosting the montreal impact. a little bloop right there. gadoy in the 17th minute, chips it over the keeper, his fourth career mls goal, first of the game and i don't know what that dance is, but we should do it. quakes win 1-0. >> you do it, we'll be behind you doing it.
11:57 pm
>> okay, yeah, right off the set. one last time. >> all right, thank you, larry. that's it for tonight. i'm matt keller. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 for larry and drew tuma. thanks for joining us, have a great night, everyone. hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class.
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more than a car, it's a subaru.
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